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09 Sep 2017

24 Sep 2017

Gangotri, Uttarakhand, India

2 travelers

4 travelers

High altitude trekking, Tri-pass crossing - Patangani Dhar, Auden's Col, Mayali Pass
Only experienced trekkers in high altitude Himalayan pass trekking would be preferred.

Benjamin Thomas One hell of a trek man! Wish you guys good luck

3 days

Prasenjit Choudhury Need more experience to join ur team apoorba da...i'm just 16k ft...Want to join in ur future trekking plan

about 4 hours
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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

26 Aug 2017

02 Sep 2017


2 travelers

2 travelers

27th- Reach Srinagar & travel to Sonmarg
27th-Sonmarg to Nichnai via Shekdur
28th-Nichnai to Vishnusar
29th-Vishnusar & kishnasar lake (Rest Day)
30th-Vishnusar to Gadsar
31st-Gadsar to Satsar
1st- Satsar to Gangabal
2nd- Gangabal to Narang & drive back to Srinagar
I'll stay two more days to explore the Town (and may be Dachigam National Park)
This is on cost sharing basis.

Prasenjit Choudhury & climate , it depend on luck ,mother nature is unpredictable.Me & Rajnith kumar confirmed the trek.

about 4 hours

Prasenjit Choudhury U can contact me on 9007773249 or prasen.jgec2k9@GMAIL.COM

about 4 hours
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Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary

23 May 2017

27 May 2017

Kathgodam, Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India

1 traveler

2 travelers

I am 1 person looking for 2 more to join me. Birding is the primary focus along with wildlife tracking. Nandhaur WLS is the newest declared WLS in Uttarakhand recommended by NTCA to be declared as Tiger reserve as it has presence of viable tiger population along with one of the densest population of leopards along with ghoral, serow, bears and most importantly very rich birdlife. The landscape is stunning terai type. Hardly any tourists. Those who are genuinely passionate and love pristine nature with wildlife can join for a memorable trip. I will rope in the service of a person who knows the wilderness like the back of his hand. Stay will be in British era FRH ( described in Jim Corbett tales) and also might be in high alt remote camp in naina devi reserve. Cost sharing basis. mail me at avijitwildlife@gmail.com

Shalmali Kale Hello Sir, I am still waiting for your email :) Even I want to combine this trip with Corbett if possible. Could you please let me know if this trip is still open?

1 day

Avijit Ganguly Maam Sorry ! I was out in tadoba and some other places. so could not revert. if you are keen to join the we are two -need two more hard core wildlifer/nature lover person to join to cut down the costs.will keep you posted maam! .

about 18 hours
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White-throated Fantail
Sattal, April 10th, 2017
For more...

Rachit Mehta Good collection from Sattal, Manish. Are most of these taken from the 'studio point' or from different locations?

2 days

Manish Walia No, not from studio point.

2 days
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Red-backed woodpecker. This is a species endemic to Sri Lanka which is one of the only countries to have red woodpeckers, whereas in the rest of the world they are mainly yellow birds.

Rachit Mehta Lovely habitat here

2 days
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I've stayed at the Eco-Tourism Complex in Hinauta. It has 6 tents and 4 cottages (tents are Rs 1000 a night and cottages Rs 2000 a night). Overall, was a comfortable enough stay and the best part is that safari permits are assured for anyone staying there. Panna is a beautiful park and sightings have been quite good too. I plan to go there more often in future. If anyone knows of any other stay options, especially near the Madla gate, please do add below.

Tanmay Keshav Hey, there's Camp Panna, it's close to Madla Gate (~6 km), next to Ken River and a nice place to stay. It's run by Abhinav Pandey and Shrey Goel, both of whom take a keen interest in wildlife

3 days

Vinay Patil You can also look up MPSTDC's Jungle Camp that's right outside the Madla Gate. Mr. Mehmood is your go-to person if you need help with anything there

3 days
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just showing-off

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3 days

Arun Ahuja thanks arijit

2 days