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Tiger of #bandhavgarh
Oct ...2017
Male tiger

Rajeev Raghavan Wonderful sighting!

41 minutes
5 minutes
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Black-headed Ibis

40 minutes

Raghav Verma Clean shot

5 minutes
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Sub adult Cub from pench

Vineet Kurien Amazing picture.. this is Pench MP?

about 1 hour

Tanmay Keshav Bahut badhiya!

about 1 hour
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Kanha National Park

30 Nov 2017

03 Dec 2017

Nagpur, India

2 travelers

2 travelers

6 Safaris in Kanha , 3 in Mukki Zone, 2 in Kanha Zone, 1 in Kisli Zone. 1st Morning to 3rd Evening Round.

Shadab Khan Yes you Can Stay in kisli/khatia and take safari in all zones of park. I usually stay in Mukki Gate

7 days

Sushant Naik hii.....i am from mumbai and interested in your trip plan...pls ping me on 8007766611.

about 2 hours
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Patagonia, (Chile & Argentina)

15 Jan 2018

07 Feb 2018

Punta Arenas, Chile

1 traveler

1 traveler

I will be touring around Pategonia, from Punta Arenas, Torres del Paine, and all the other most spectacular spots along route 40, winding up in Santiago. I am planning mostly day trips with light to moderate hiking only in the national parks, no camping, for photographic purposes, with hired vehicle and local knowledge guide about to be finalized. I am well traveled, with nearly 40 countries so far, and I like to get the most adventure, and comfort, for the money I have available for my travels! and as you can see, I get around... http://thewanderinghoneybadger.com

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Planning a trip to Dudhwa National Park in December with 6 safaris. Could not find any online booking for safaris and there seem to be lots of websites which claim to book. Any information or tips regarding safaris, stay and local contacts will be most helpful.

Lokesh Dodla Dudhwa is very dense and hence lot of fog and mist will be present. Bird watching is fine however not very friendly conditions for photography.

about 4 hours

Shabnam Siddiqui Thanks Vineet. We are 3 people, trying to do 3 safaris in Pilbhit and 2 in Dudhwa.

about 4 hours
Thumb pm1

The Tigress of Dudhwa Park. Jun 17.

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Vineet Kurien Superb.. such a nice setting! A park i really want to visit.. seeing a big cat there will be amazing.

3 months

Rajan R D Amazing sighting and amazing click. Would love to know more about this sighting

about 4 hours