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Pench National Park

01 May 2018

04 May 2018

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

2 travelers

2 travelers

Planning for 6 safaris in Pench. 4 from Turia Gate and 2 at Khursapar. Staying for 3 nights at Mahua Vann with all meals included. Please check below for full details and expenses.

Shubham Palit We are 3 and have place

2 days

Ahmedullah Mohammed Thanks Shubham. So the dates are 6-8 May?

44 minutes
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Panna National Park

26 May 2018

02 Jun 2018

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

2 travelers

2 travelers

Going to Panna and also Bandavgarh , if time permits. Looking for options to stay in and around Panna National Park and in Bandavgarh. Also looking for interested co-travelers .Two of us with own vehicles planning to do the trip. Others with or without vehicles can figure out , discuss and plan the trip as well.
The only uncertainty is dates by when we will able to reach as we are going by road from Kolkata via Varanasi. Planned trip details are as follows :-
Kolkata -> Allahabad -> Panna -> Varanasi -> Kolkata
Date Deperture From Date Arrival To TTT (gmap) Km Total km covered so far Stay Description
26-May 06:00 Kolkata 26-May 21:00 "Night halt
(if required)" 13:02 391 391 Some location in Jharkhand Night halt
27-May Night halt(if required) Allahabad 403 794 Allahabad Reaching Allahabad
28-May 05:00 Allahabad 28-May 13:00 Panna 06:25 264 1058 Reaching Panna
29-May Panna In Panna entire day
30-May 12:00 Panna 30-May 10:00 Varanasi 08:35 395 1454 Varanasi After morning Safari reaching Varanasi
31-May In Varanasi entire day
01-Jun 12:00 Varanasi 01-Jun 20:00 "Night halt
(if required)" 06:23 290 1744 Some location in Jharkhand Night Halt
02-Jun Night halt(if required) 02-Jun Kolkata 07:15 392 2136 Kolkata Reaching Kolkata

Sandeep Gupta Thanks @Varad

about 13 hours

Avijit Ganguly Yup ! Abhinav place strongly recommended

about 1 hour
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Pench National Park

11 Apr 2018

20 Apr 2018

Delhi, India

1 traveler

1 traveler

I am planning to go to pench and then Satpura, 3-4 days in each. i have an inbound agency that i have used before. looking to share jeep for photography and maybe accommodation.

about 5 hours

Robert I. Ferguson i will be writing this trip up for features and articles. i am a huge TOFT supporter too.

about 5 hours
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sometimes when you fish for a tiger you land up with a cat I the extremely rare fishing cat (listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List)

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Aditya Vaidya Thanks. By sightings i meant overall sightings and not tiger, leopard. I have never seen a fishing cat, so that for me also comes under sightings. I meant the word as covering a good diversity of animals and birds

about 16 hours

Arun Ahuja cool, all zones are good, more rhinos in proximity at western, do all zones. fishing cat we saw in Eastern. And more Birds in Eastern & central.

about 16 hours
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The Ferocious Furball.
Rains had lashed the jungle just before our Evening drive creating an amazing ambience in the jungle, It is believed by many that post rain shower time is good for Sloth bear sightings as the rain loosens the soil making it easy for sloth bears to break termite mounds for their favourite food. We had our fingers crossed and were driving through the beautiful meadows of Kanha Zone, as we entered a dense patch of the zone one of the campers suddenly exclaimed, whats that black thing, and there it was........
A lone sloth bear walking towards us, being the only vehicle there and the place having low undergrowth we had an excellent view, the bear calmly walked towards us, stopped at the watering hole, drank water and went on its way again...............
Sloth Bear
Kanha Tiger Reserve
May 2017
Looking forward to such sightings of, lesser seen animals besides tigers, in the upcoming summer......

Tanmay Keshav Excellent read and a wonderful sighting!

about 22 hours

Roshan Suresh Lovely sighting!

about 18 hours
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St3 tigress of S.T.R. (Sariska tiger reserve).
Daughter of ( T16 machli from ranthambor) .
March 2018 .

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Tanmay Keshav Lovely frame Ajay.. kab ki sighting hai?

about 22 hours
about 18 hours
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Evening safari

5 days

Rajeev Raghavan Beautiful.. what a road block to encounter!

about 18 hours