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A Leopard on land walking fearlessly in a prime tiger territory.

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David Fernandes Lovely shot

4 months

Karan Singhal Lovely shot

4 months
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The month we spent in Canada was perfect to watch the leaves change colour! This definitely is one of the best lakeside parks for a dendrophile!
Paul Lake,
Oct 2016.

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sometimes you see more with your eyes closed

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6 months

Arun Ahuja thanks guys

6 months
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Sub adults cubs learning finesse of life in Masai Mara....January 2017.

5 months
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If u are planning to do Leh-Ladakh on 2- wheels it is advisable to enter Ladakh from the Srinagar side. If you enter via the Manali, Pang, Sarchu route then u need to get a permit. People with Non-HP regd vehicles are supposed to pay a congestion fee and get a permit from the SDM office in Manali.

C Parivesh Hi Siddhartha, does the same route apply for 4 wheelers as well?

12 months
12 months
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Another view of Dhankar Lake at 13,700+ ft!

6 months
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We were on a safari in the Durgadevi zone, we had just taken a turn and were taken aback when we saw this elephant barely a few meters away. We could also figure from noises that the rest of the herd was close by. The zone is dense and bumpy.. moving fast is a little difficult so the thought of being surrounded by elephants with nowhere to go was making it quite tense!

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David Fernandes Lovely click

3 months