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Spotted beauty on track head on shot this evening.
7/10/2018 .

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Panna National Park

15 Dec 2018

17 Dec 2018

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

2 travelers

2 travelers

We are going to visit Panna National Park. Will reach Khajuaho on December15 morning from Delhi and from there go to Panna by road. We will do four safaris there (Dec. 15th evening to Dec. 17th morning). We will stay on twin sharing base at a home stay near Ken River. Between morning and evening safaris we can do boat safari for birding. All expenses would be shared equally.

Ravindra Harite Thanx for additional info about boat ride. During our last two trips we went for boat rides only during the Safari timings. We will explore this outside boating during our Trip to Panna in the First week of Dec this year. Thanx once again

21 days

Manish Pundir Hi, I am interested in joining. Please let we know if there is a slot available.

8 days
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St9 tigress with greenery at Sariska tiger reserve.

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Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

11 Jan 2019

15 Jan 2019

Vadodara, Gujarat, India; or join as per your suitability

1 traveler

3 travelers

Birding for raptors and other birds at Tal Chhapar and 1 day at Bikaner / Jorbeed. For approx expenses, check below.

Ravindra Harite Interested can You share your WA no pl to my 9325336709. What is the mode of transportation to reach the destination by train or road travel?

22 days

Ravindra Harite Have You received my msg?

11 days
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'..and how exactly did I end up here!' said the leopardess Juliet after a crazy night out. Luckily for Neelu, the female Neelgai, she had less things to worry about with her staying there.
Crazy life of a leopardess(she's a fantastic climber by the way)
Starring - Juliet
Shot in - Jhalana, Rajasthan
Date - Sep 2018

14 days

Jitendra Singh Did you book the safari online (by self) or through agents/middlemen?

12 days
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27 Oct 2018

28 Oct 2018

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

1 traveler

5 travelers

Shoot leopards & hyenas in Jhalana. One time safari is for 3500 approx. so can be divided by no. of people, max is 6. I'm going for 27 evening and 28 morning safari.

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Greater Rann of Kutch

19 Oct 2018

23 Oct 2018

Bhuj, Gujarat, India

1 traveler

1 traveler

This trip I've planned wholly to film a documentary on the desert cat, the elusive cat species of the arid deserts. We'll also be attempting to film in the night, therefore it'll be a great chance to track the cat at night.
People having a keen interest to learn the process of filming and come eye to eye with the Desert Cat, are welcome to join this tour. It'll be an experience of a lifetime.
Below is the planned expenses of the tour, as provided by the local naturalist