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should I sit down or get them first?

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over 1 year

Arun Ahuja thanks arjun & benjamin

over 1 year
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Hooded Pitta

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Gulnar Vij Excellent

10 months
5 months
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Magical Manglajodi
Whiskered Tern with catch

Aniket Khamkar Lovely shot

about 1 year
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Did you know?
Lions once lived in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and Northern India. Now lions primarily live in Africa, aside from a small population (estimated between 600-700) of Asiatic lions that live in India's Gir National Park.

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Raghav R Excellent

10 months

Gulnar Vij Superb !

9 months
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A trek to Peb Fort.
Peb looked pretty far in sight when we stood at the starting point (along the tracks). Only once we started did we realise that's not the case. While it's a decently short trail, it's incredible narrow and the rains just made it even more challenging.
It's a popular weekend trek, but don't let that put you off! ;)
July, 2017.

about 1 year
about 1 year
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Attitude - The alert Sand Plover

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Anish Hazra Excellent

10 months

Sameer Vaid Stunning shot

10 months
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Saw this quite often on the way back from Binsar. Found it interesting, so sharing here. While driving, I saw that nearly each tree had these metallic cones on the bark of the tree to gather resin. There would be 2-3 of these cones on each tree.