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Gangetic Dolphin - Our National Aquatic Animal is sighted in many places. But I think Pobitora WLS is having one of best place for sighting in the mighty Brahmaputra. Clicking this beautiful and shy animal is very tricky but you can always be lucky!

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about 1 month

Gaurav Sinha Wonderful

16 days
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Grey Pelican - In sync

14 days
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Rajan R D Beautiful

3 months
about 2 months
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Hodgson's Bushchat (F) - Grassland of Manas is always unpredictable.

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about 2 months

Rajan R D Awesome!

11 days
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Panthera Pardus (Leopard)

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Gulnar Vij Nice one. This spot looks familiar, although can't recollect. Where exactly was this taken?

9 months

Maneet Arora Nice shot

12 days
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Crested Bunting

Thumb 353

Siblings Fight

12 days