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LOVE OF STRIPES.... It was a moment of majesty amidst the grasslands of Teliya as the Queen, Sonam traversed the luscious landscapes in search of the lingering scent.. The culmination was a display of curiosity and love as she met Bajrangi and led the way into the tigerland of Teliya...

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This was the first time, I saw Great Indian Bustard...

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Made this trip right after completing my MBA. Traveled solo and met up with another group which was kind enough to accommodate me on their safaris (I did pay my share!). The crowning moment would be the privilege of observing a tigress and her 3 cubs as they frolicked, played and swam in a lake. We were the only jeep there and were lucky enough to observe this for a good part of 30 minutes!

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First visit with family. My second leopard...

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Arijit Kanani Take off!

about 3 years

Jose Dsouza Nice image

about 3 years
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Pride Walk

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Rajan R D Excellent

about 3 years

Gaurav Sinha Good capture

about 2 years
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Wild Dogs With Kill - Lets go a little closer to the action. It was around 5pm and amidst heavy rains we watched these Wild dogs feast a Spotted deer. This went on for over 45min and by then we were seeing all the parts of the dead deer been ripped and pulled apart. They eat it until the bones are seen. I was viewing this scene through my Canon 500D||Canon 100-400mm lens, sitting right behind Sudhir Shivram (#1 Wildlife Photographer in India) and it was a thrilling experience to observe and photograph this fabulous wildlife encounter at close distance. Kabini River Resort, Nagarhole National Park & Tiger Reserve.