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The Shrike also known as the butcher bird is famous for its characteristic behavior of hanging its prey to thorns of plants like acacia and then feed on it peice by peice. Today morning as we walked on the grassland at ARAI one such bird flew down into the grass and grabbed a grasshopper in its beak, we sat closeby near the thicket and observed this individual, it first made sure that the grasshopper was dead by pecking on it. Then it held the dead insect in its feet and took a few bites, it was causing him some irritation as he had to either risk his grip on stem or bend to eat. After a few bites the bird held its prey in its mouth pushed it through an acacia thorn, the life less prey was then enjoyed by the bird as it fed on it bite by bite. The habit of hanging its prey on thorns just like butchers hang the meat in shops is what gives the bird its common name.
Long tailed Shrike
Arai [PUNE]
November 2017

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Raghav R Interesting stuff, great work

4 days

Mohit Srinivasan Great piece of information Varad

about 20 hours
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Looking for budget trip for below:
1. Borneo / sumatra (orangutan/macaque)
2. Redpanda in North east
3. Cambodia
Any tips or guidance appreciated.

Ranjith Kumar @harshil Both

about 2 months

Ranjith Kumar @Arun & @Prasenjith thanks bro

about 2 months
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Bandhavgarh National Park

18 Feb 2018

21 Feb 2018

Panna, Madhya Pradesh, India

1 traveler

4 travelers

Will be Departing from Panna on 18th Evening after Doing 7 Safaries
On the way to Bandhavgarh will have dinner & reach Bandhavgarh by 11:00pm
19th Feb : 1st & 2nd Safari
20th Feb : 3rd & 4th Safari
21st Feb : 5th Safari & 6th Safari then Checkout & leave for Mumbai.
Pls call on for further details - 09920215575

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Striped hyena, Jan 2017

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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

08 Dec 2017

11 Dec 2017

Pune, Maharashtra, India

3 travelers

3 travelers

We are going to do 3 safaris in Nagzira. We are 3 people already and would require 2 to 3 more to join us on this trip. Main purpose is wildlife viewing & wildlife photography.

Maneet Arora Thanks..will let you know in few days

about 2 months

Narendra Bhanage Thanks sir.. we shall wait :)

about 2 months
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Rajeev Raghavan Lovely catch

4 days
1 day
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Black bucks at Velavadar
Jan 2017