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She lost herself in the trees, among the changing leaves..
She wept beneath the wild sky, as winds told stories of ancient times..
The flowers grew towards her light, the river called her name at night..
She could not live an ordinary life, with the mysteries of universe hidden in her eyes..

3 days
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Stay: Wild Haven resort
Contact Amin Khan +91 94 24 776043
If required refer you are from the safarist or tell him my name Arijit Sett from Kolkata.
You would get budget accomodation +food per day packages depending on availability.

Rajesh Mangal Thanks for the info...Arijit

2 months

Raj Mangal Dear Arijit, how is the property wild haven resort...if u had an experience

4 days
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09 Sep 2017

24 Sep 2017

Gangotri, Uttarakhand, India

2 travelers

4 travelers

High altitude trekking, Tri-pass crossing - Patangani Dhar, Auden's Col, Mayali Pass
Only experienced trekkers in high altitude Himalayan pass trekking would be preferred.

Apoorba Ganguly So no serious trekker for this route?

3 months

Rachit Mehta Would love to.. but dates is an issue. I'll be in touch and let you know

3 months
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Another view of Dhankar Lake at 13,700+ ft!

4 days
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Lakshman Ganga river

Maulik Desai Beautiful! By the way, in which month did you visit? I've heard August is the best month when it is in full bloom.

4 days
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We were on a safari in the Durgadevi zone, we had just taken a turn and were taken aback when we saw this elephant barely a few meters away. We could also figure from noises that the rest of the herd was close by. The zone is dense and bumpy.. moving fast is a little difficult so the thought of being surrounded by elephants with nowhere to go was making it quite tense!

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Tadoba National Park

01 Dec 2017

03 Dec 2017

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

3 travelers

1 traveler

6 Safaris in Tadoba Tiger Reserve - will need to plan early to get preferred entry gates.

Ramaswamy R hi, I would like to join u...could you message me your contact info.thanks

22 days

Pushkar Karn Hey..please call on 9902 911 988..Thanks

22 days