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The World's Laziest Photographer? Or a brilliant new Hiking Protocol? Or Both?
Antarctica requires a lot of clothing, as the climate can be quite variable (cooked in our gear some days when it was sunny, very chilly and windy other days). A lot of landings are in big surf via zodiac, and a lot of the ground is either muddy, or stone beaches with Penguin Poop and Seal Shite everywhere.
On a few of the excursions I started carrying a portable chair with me!
It allowed me to sit and shoot more comfortably and watch the action unfold in front of my eyes, as often right on the beach where we landed gave the best views. Plus it gave me someplace to hang my drybag that held my camera gear cases so it wouldnt pick up any aromatic substances.
I ALSO used it to play "Sea Lion Tamer".. when a female Fur Seal repeatedly charged two of us with the serious intention to bite.. no whip to crack, just a ski pole to bang on the ground to make noise and I put the folded chair out between us and the Fur Seal, but it worked well enough.
Over 17 days with 80 passengers & 20 staff , 1 fur seal bite (taken by a guide), 1 broken arm, one splinted finger, lots of sea sickness, and an elephant seal decided to belly flop onto our gear sitting on the beach, but no one was crushed in that one.

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Innocence in the eyes....... A lone sambar stag from the woods of Central India. One of the most important component of the prey base, the sambar deer is largest deer species found in Indian Jungles. Usually found in herds of not more than 10, the males generally are found grazing alone during non breeding seasons. Their size makes them a great prey, a single sambar kill can feed a tiger or a leopard for quite some days and is like a feast for packs of wild dogs, thus making it a very important part of the predator prey cycle.
Tried framing a portrait of this lovely stag.
December 2017

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6 days

Varad Bansod Thank you very much

4 days
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Sundarbans National Park

15 Jan 2018

18 Jan 2018


3 travelers

2 travelers

It will be a 4 days 3 nights trip in the mangrove delta in an exclusive boat.
We will be doing full day cruise through different creeks and canals in search of elusive cats. Stay will be in boat itself and all meals (B/L/D) will be served on board, as it will maximize the cruising time inside the park. Safari boats are equipped with basic amenities.
We will be starting from Sealdah Railway Station early morning. Reach Canning and hire a local transport for Godkhali, where our boat will be waiting to pick us up. From Godkhali, we will start our journey towards Sundarban National Park. Before entering the park, we will get our permits done at Sajnekhali.
A dedicated guide cum naturalist will be accompanying us throughout the entire trip.
If you are into wildlife/nature photography, please carry extra camera batteries, as there is no charging option in the boat.
The entire trip cost will be shared equally among all the co-travelers. Like minded people can Whatsapp@+91 9831666121 or drop an e-mail to subhashis83@gmail.com.

Varun Rawat Hi Subhashis, can you please provide any local contact for Sundarbans? Planning to visit some time next year. I have msged you. Thanks

about 2 months
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the frog no more

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Arijit Kanani Great catch!

5 days

Arun Ahuja thanks arijit

4 days
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Dhole (Indian wild dog) | Kabini

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Aditya Vaidya Lovely click

8 days

Raman Kishore Wonderful frame!

5 days
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Steppe eagle, flying away

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"Welcome, the king of the perch"