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Satpura National Park

07 Dec 2018

09 Dec 2018

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

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4 safaris, stay & food in Riverside Lodge Resort or similar, Bhopal to Bhopal Transfer

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One of the most elegant climbers that I have personally seen - and I have seen quite a few of them in Indian and African jungles.
Juliet from Jhalana!!
The pic has been digitally enhanced for visual appeal.

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Shabnam Siddiqui Yes :) PP Zindabad ;)

29 days

Ravindra Harite Leopard is truly the Big Indian cat, versatile, adaptable

28 days
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Juliet - Beautiful, bold leopardess of Jhalana Forest

Dr Aparna Bagwe really nice

29 days
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P 141 cooling off on the edge of river Ken in Panna Tiger Reserve M.P.
This is one of the several off-springs of T1 brought in Panna Tiger Reserve few several years back after tiger count was severely gone down or zero in Panna National Park.

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D P Paul Clean shot

about 1 month

Sandeep Gupta Thanks for the encouraging comment.

about 1 month
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Gir National Park

30 Dec 2018

02 Jan 2019

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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2 travelers

3-4 times Lion Safari, Nature Trail Walk, Wildlife discussions

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Vine Snake, June 2018

about 1 month
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Save The Tiger
June 2018

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Dr Aparna Bagwe sad... its like a circus

about 1 month

Ahmedullah Mohammed If any image shows tiger tourism the way it is happening in some Indian sanctuaries, this is it.

about 1 month