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A coppersmith barbet spits out wood fragments it has bored out from a tree trunk in Bharatpur (Keoladev) National Park. The barbet was relentlessly pecking into the tree trunk when it suddenly popped inside the nest hole and emerged with wood dust in its beak only to release it outside creating a mini haze for a second. It took me many shots and a wait for nearly an hour to get the the precise moment of release of wood-dust. The blur gives an indication of the speed the barbet was shaking itself from one side to another, perhaps to throw the dust as far away from itself as possible.

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Ahmedullah Mohammed Thanks Gaurav

5 days
5 days

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

05 Feb 2018

09 Feb 2018


1 traveler

1 traveler

Bird watching trip to Thattekad from 5th Feb to 9th Feb 2018.
Planning to drive from Bangalore and drive back.
Program: 5th Feb 2017. Evening birding if possible at homestay area.
6th & 7th Feb Full day birding with guide from the home stay
8th Feb Morning birding at Thattekhad and then en route to Munnar.
Stay overnight at Home stay in Munnar
Return Bangalore 9th Feb .

Mayur Koulavkar I may join... Can confirm only by Jan end but

6 days

Pervez Younus Thanks. I will fly to Cochin unless I get company to go by car to Tattekad from Bangalore. I cant wiat till end Jan 2018 for airfares will go up as dates are closer to travel dates. Intend to book by Mid Jan 2018 by air.

5 days
Thumb prakhar krishan contactphoto 9415408884

Red Fronted Rose Finch
Warsilla Pass Laddak
Dec 2017
It was our Nemo , we saw it when we were headed to warsilla pass looking out for Red Foxes and wolfs , it was sitting on a distant rock from the road side and approach was very difficult as it was upward trajectory with snow on it. It was slippery and we have no idea where the foot will land on a hard surface or a hollow.
so we moved on for other targets while in return we saw it near us on the road the moment i got out of car i took four steps deep in snow upto my knee , wow it was scary as well as adventure, i came out and now i moved on rock to rock with the feet trembling and hands freezing nose giving out vapor and flowing out water thin mucus due to the chilling winds going inside with every breath we take, the chill was scratching the nose ..wow it was sweet bitter feeling , hands giving up as they were playing inside the weeds on the rocks..it was all a great mix and finally we all made some shots ...enthralling it was ...
I do have a clear perch shot also but the clear perch doesnt gives the idea what it was like to before we get the birdie on a clear perch ...

Gaurav Sinha Excellent

7 days
6 days
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dad, mom.....get a room!

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St2 tigress sightings.
22nd December evening safari.
Sariska tiger reserve.

Rajan R D Super shot

12 days

Ajay Kumar Thanks so much #Rajan ji

6 days
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Tadoba National Park

03 Feb 2018

05 Feb 2018

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

3 travelers

3 travelers

Planning for 5 safaris in Tadoba Three in Moharli and two in Kolsa gates. 3 more can join us with cost sharing on actuals. Get in touch soon if interested.

Sanjay Kulkarni Travel to Chandrapur on your own

6 days

Roshan Suresh Hello Sanjay, which zone are you planning for Tadoba.

6 days
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Pench National Park

28 Apr 2018

30 Apr 2018


2 travelers

2 travelers

5 Safaris in Pench - 3 from Turia , 2 from Khursapar (open to suggestions)
Proposed Itinerary as follows
27th April
Reach Nagpur by evening by train/flight - Reach Pench by late night
28th April
Morning Safari + Evening Safari
29th April
Morning Safari + Evening Safari
30th April
Morning Safari
Leave for Nagpur in afternoon
Leave from Nagpur by night by train/flight