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Tadoba In Monsoon
Watch the video here featuring 15 wildlife species

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Bandhavgarh National Park

08 Dec 2018

09 Dec 2018

Katni Junction, Madhya Pradesh, India

1 traveler

1 traveler

Explore various zones of Bandavgarh National Park. 2 safaris in Tala zone, 1 Magdhi and 1 Khitauli zone.
Since I only require 1 interested co traveler the expenses will be shared between both of us equally. Will meet up at katni Junction around 4 pm on 7th December and drop at Katni Junction on 10th December after breakfast. Stay in twin sharing in good resort near Tala gate. By 15th October the name of the intending traveler to be finalised. Approximate expense around Rs 15 to 16 k all inclusive from Katni to Katni.

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An orange beauty on a lush green carpet. From the variety of crab species found in India, the orange crab is one such beautifully colored species which is endemic to the indian jungles.
Various Indian scientists are working towards getting an enhanced understanding of such lesser known species, and also have successfully described various new species. Awareness about lesser fauna is first step towards it's conservation is what I think.
Orange Crab
August 2018

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Moonscape: Took this photo hiking to Ijen Crater in Indonesia.

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Tadoba National Park

05 Jan 2019

08 Jan 2019

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

2 travelers

2 travelers

Looking for 2 more like minded people to join me for tadoba, 6 safaris with 4 in 1 gypsy. I can be reached on whatsapp/call on 9881376358 to discuss details. Kindly revert asap as booking already started for the dates.

Subrata Basu 9433326489

2 months

Anudeep Agrawal Updated number of traveller...bookings gonna start soon.

about 2 months
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Great news from Sariska tiger reserve.
St12 tigress with Three cubs sighted.

Rajeev Raghavan Wow! Awesome

about 1 month

Ajay Kumar Thanks so much @Rajeev ji

about 1 month
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A tender moment between mother and child...One evening last summer. Perhaps by next season they would have parted ways.