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Ranthambore here I come for a date with Noor & Daughters & other kids.

Ahmedullah Mohammed Wow, unique angle

7 days
7 days
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Jim Corbett National Park

06 Jun 2018

11 Jun 2018

New Delhi, Delhi, India

2 travelers

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We will start from delhi on 6th june by train and reach ramnagar 7 th early morning ,enter to dikhala zone. 7/8/9 night stay in dikhala rest hose and will do morning and evening safaris .10 th evening by 6 pm we have to leave the forest check post. total 8 safaris including 24 km going in and out .we will catch 10th night train and will reach delhi on 11th early morning

Ranjith Kumar No plans of bijrani ?

8 days

Saraswata Mitra Nope.....Already got the 3rd person...

8 days
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Spot-winged Grosbeak
Pangot, Uttrakhand
March 2018

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Tanmay Keshav Wonderful click Ashley!

8 days

Ashley thank you

8 days
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the endangered hoolock gibbon is the only species of ape to be found in India I had a tough grey day to capture these treetop-swinging noisy beauties
Males are black with a distinctive white brow, while females are copper-tan with dark brown hair on the sides of their face, and a clear central parting in the head hair.

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Rajeev Raghavan Superb picture.. and thanks for this info.

8 days

Arun Ahuja welcome rajeev

8 days
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Evening safari
T 5 pateha

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the stump-tailed macaque, also called the bear macaque is one of the seven primate species found in the Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Assam

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D P Paul Rare picture

9 days

Arun Ahuja thanks all

9 days
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As I have checked on this forum before I am itching to go to NE for the longest time ever. Since long trips are not working out I think I will go to just one place to begin with between March 29 - Apr 1 (4 days).
Between Nokrek (Meghalaya), Nameri (Assam), Namdhapa (Arunachal), Keibul Lamjao (Manipur), Phawngpui (Mizoram), and Ntangki (Nagaland), which would be recommended for a single woman traveller? A trip that can be done in 4 days. Can stretch the visit by 1-2 days.

Sharan Joshi Nameri and Namdapha are just fine really. Totally safe but a local resource will always be handy. Otherwise you can trek but may miss out on sightings.

19 days

Ranjith Kumar Any guide contact details for Namdapha?

9 days