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Born to fly!
a dream shot of a peregrine falcon with a sunset backdrop

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African Paradise Flycatcher

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Leopard on rocks at S.T.R.
Spotted beauty on rocks .
With @Apurva sir
Sariska Tiger Reserve .

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da dude

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11 months

Arun Ahuja thanks shabnam

10 months
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Not a tip but a query. I'm planning to travel to Velavadar NP later this month. Is it possible to hire a vehicle for safari at the park itself? And how much would it cost?
I'm traveling solo, so want to keep costs at a minimum. (Have posted a travel plan here but since no one's joining so far, might probably end up going alone only)

Aditya Vaidya I think you should take your own car or make arrangements in advance. If you stay in the luxury lodge then they have their vehicles otherwise I have only gone with one of us having our own car

10 months