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Today morning Sariska tiger reserve
New season Opening in Sariska tiger reserve.
1st Day I saw st7 tigress

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Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi....yeh shaam bhi ajeeb hai...
The most gracious climber I have seen yet!

Ashley amazing!

8 months
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gorgeous mum t19 or krishna

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8 months

Arun Ahuja thanks guys

8 months
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The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.
- Sir Richard Burton
#travelDiaries #visitNepal #exploreNepal

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After a fantastic afternoon wherein we tracked a leopard trying to attack a cow, towards closing time as we were about to leave the zone, some movement on our left caught our eye. It was a wild hare and we started taking pictures of the hare. The hare was flighty and we had to be patient for a good shot.
Just when we had a fill of hare pictures, a neel gai gave an alarm call some yards away and we immediately made a u-turn. We thought our earlier hungry leopard was back. Soon all the other neel gai joined in the alarm call and we looked in the direction of where they were calling. We were sure there was a leopard, but we presumed it was higher up and were conscious that closing time was very near. However the calls of the neel gai were not subsiding and their gaze kept moving. Our gypsy moved further in the direction of their gaze and we saw some movement behind the trees. Within a fraction of couple of seconds lo and behold the most beautiful leopardess passed us by.
We tried to keep a distance to give space to the cat. She jumped a fence beautifully, went across and to our good luck paused for the briefest moment to sit and pose, before she disappeared again.
Presenting Jalebi - the doe eyed beauty of Jhalana.
Another successful trip through Safarist. Saurabh Kalia thanks for joining this trip :)

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8 months

Shabnam Siddiqui Thanks again friends.

8 months
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I've stayed at the Eco-Tourism Complex in Hinauta. It has 6 tents and 4 cottages (tents are Rs 1000 a night and cottages Rs 2000 a night). Overall, was a comfortable enough stay and the best part is that safari permits are assured for anyone staying there. Panna is a beautiful park and sightings have been quite good too. I plan to go there more often in future. If anyone knows of any other stay options, especially near the Madla gate, please do add below.

Roshan Suresh Camp Panna, it’s with V Resorts now I think.

8 months

Avijit Ganguly CAmp panna of Abhinav pandey great place

8 months
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Rains. Green. Spots.
The Jhalana Forest in all its glory!

Manish Pundir nice capture

8 months