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da dude

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3 months

Arun Ahuja thanks shabnam

2 months
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Not a tip but a query. I'm planning to travel to Velavadar NP later this month. Is it possible to hire a vehicle for safari at the park itself? And how much would it cost?
I'm traveling solo, so want to keep costs at a minimum. (Have posted a travel plan here but since no one's joining so far, might probably end up going alone only)

Aditya Vaidya I think you should take your own car or make arrangements in advance. If you stay in the luxury lodge then they have their vehicles otherwise I have only gone with one of us having our own car

2 months
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Blackbuck National Park

19 Nov 2018

21 Nov 2018

Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

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Stay at the Kaliyar Bhavan Tourist Lodge in Velavadar and do a few rides inside the park in the grasslands and try to spot blackbucks, hyenas, wolves and the birdlife.

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Featuring Durga Tigress' Sub adult cub coming to the waterhole, drinking water & establishing eye to eye contacts on multiple occasions.
Watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgNyG46kKmM

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Gir National Park

22 Nov 2018

26 Nov 2018

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Velvadar-Gir-Nal Sarovar Road trip
Were planing a road trip starting from Mumbai ,heading first to Velvadar spendinga day there looking for Wolves,Hyenas,Lesser Floricans,Saras cranes and offcourse Blackbucks. From here we will head to Gir ,going on 4 Safari rounds looking for Lions and hopefully leopards.The final plan is to try birding in Nal sarovar for a couple of hours which falls on our way back to Mumbai

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'..and how exactly did I end up here!' said the leopardess Juliet after a crazy night out. Luckily for Neelu, the female Neelgai, she had less things to worry about with her staying there.
Crazy life of a leopardess(she's a fantastic climber by the way)
Starring - Juliet
Shot in - Jhalana, Rajasthan
Date - Sep 2018

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Ashley It was through someone but one can book it online too

3 months

Raj Srivastava I would suggest to check out offline, online have loopholes and in fact a tough call. Check with local gypsy owner, I did approx 22 safaris with Rohit, the local gypsy owner.....trustworthy, honest, not a looter.

2 months
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Ravindra Harite Fabulous click of Magnificent Tusker.

2 months