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Masai Mara

03 Oct 2019

11 Oct 2019

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Budget camping in Masai Mara, NOT with any travel operator
3/10/19-Fly from Mumbai. Night stay at Nairobi.
4/10/19- Drive to Masai Mara. Stay at budget camp near Sekenani gate outside the reserve.
5/10/19 to 10/10/19- Full day game drive. Stay at the same camp.
11/10/19- Drive to Nairobi and fly back home.
If partner is interested in extending the trip with a visit to Nakuru &/or Amboseli, I can join.

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“Talab-Wali Female In Her Dynasty”
This is the Talab wali female who is also referred as the dadi maa of Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra.
A 2hour drive to the south of Nagpur or a 4hour drive to the north from Hyderabad, leads to this fantastic Tiger-Scape which is just 148sq kms.
“Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary”, very infamously known for its hidden treasures that it holds, this park consists nothing less than 18 tigers in the tourism zone, currently being ruled by 3 families namely - The Four Mark Family, The Pilkhan Family & The Talabwali Family, alongside the three male musketeers named “Jack, Johnny & Walker” who are now sub adults aged 2years, a few other sub adults and finally the Sher Khan of this 148sq kms forest “Star Male” who is apparently the only Male tiger who guards this Sanctuary.
With a maximum permit of just 11 Gypsies allowed for safaris, this park is definitely one wildlife reserve every wildlifer should visit this summer because it brings so much more in the platter with some mind blowing landscapes & natural water bodies which I haven’t seen in the recent past in central india, I confess... I am bowled over by this park n totally in love with this forest !!
We were very fortunate to effortlessly cross path with the “Four Mark Female Tigress” and her cubs in the very first 10minutes of my maiden safari in this forest, Obliging us with a fantastic early morning show & I just did not want to bump up the ISO in my camera, in this image the 3rd cub (a male) was walking in his own pace behind our Jeep & the mother and two other cubs in the picture were waiting for the male cub to join them.
The third safari of the trip & we were very keen on tracking the talab wali female because she is reported to have a new litter of cubs as old as just 3months old & we decided to dedicate the entire safari trying to track her, a few minutes into the Safari and no signs of this lady but with spirts high & positive vibes this gorgeous female showed up from the under growth, drank ample water & walked on the pebbles only to reach the tip of this peninsula, posing for us before she chose to swim across the lake !!
PS: Image digitally enhanced for viewing & best enjoyed in full screen/horizontally 😊

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Neeraj Bantia Thankyou so much Tanmay, Harish, Gopu Sir & Shabnam... Means a lot 😊

about 2 years
about 2 years
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Kaziranga National Park

22 Dec 2019

29 Dec 2019

Guwahati, Assam, India

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2 safaris in pobitora, 6 safaris in Kaziranga, 2 days in gibbon sanctuary. This is rough itinerary & dates are flexible. Kindly let me know any tips & contacts for this trip. I'm a budget traveller & looking for the best & non expensive stay & driver/naturalists.

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Sundarbans National Park

21 Feb 2020

25 Feb 2020

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Plan to stay on the boats in the riverine and hopefully we can spot/photograph the big cat

Sanjoy Chowdhury That is very expensive. We spent Rs 12,000 per person Kolkata-to-Kolkata for a similar trip in March.

about 2 years

T Parvez Did u stay on the boat n how many nights did you spend there?

about 2 years
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Afrika is Heaven

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Raghavendra Joshi Wonderful image

over 2 years
about 2 years
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Barking deer portrait
Sattal has abundance of beautiful birds easily photographed from various Bird hides and if you are lucky few mammals come there also like this Barking deer.

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James Fernandes Hi, can you please share info about the hide at Christian ashram..

over 2 years

Saurabh Kalia Studio is on the way to Sattal lake and studio point. There is some charge and best time is early morning. Evening times are also great. You can book your seat early if you go on a weekened as it is very crowded then.

over 2 years
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Masai Mara

28 Nov 2019

08 Dec 2019

Nairobi, Kenya

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3 travelers

Day 1: Land in Nairobi and stay overnight.
Day 2: Early morning transfer to Masai Mara. Afternoon game drive. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 3: Full day game drive in Mara. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 4: Full day game drive in Mara. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 5: Full day game drive in Mara. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 6: Early morning transfer to Lake Nakuru. Afternoon game drive. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 7: Full day game drive in Lake Nakuru. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 8: Early morning transfer to Amboseli. Afternoon game drive. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 9: Full day game drive in Amboseli. Dinner and overnight at campsite or lodge.
Day 10: Morning game drive in Amboseli. Depart to Nairobi late in the morning.

Subrata Basu We are three, my wife, my daughter and me, can you please send us an approx costing and the flights you are planning. my mail is subratabasu555@yahoo.com

over 2 years

Lokesh Dodla Hi All ... email sent.

over 2 years