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P 141 cooling off on the edge of river Ken in Panna Tiger Reserve M.P.
This is one of the several off-springs of T1 brought in Panna Tiger Reserve few several years back after tiger count was severely gone down or zero in Panna National Park.

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D P Paul Clean shot

10 months

Sandeep Gupta Thanks for the encouraging comment.

10 months
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Vine Snake, June 2018

10 months
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Save The Tiger
June 2018

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Dr Aparna Bagwe sad... its like a circus

11 months

Ahmedullah Mohammed If any image shows tiger tourism the way it is happening in some Indian sanctuaries, this is it.

10 months
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Tadoba In Monsoon
Watch the video here featuring 15 wildlife species

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An orange beauty on a lush green carpet. From the variety of crab species found in India, the orange crab is one such beautifully colored species which is endemic to the indian jungles.
Various Indian scientists are working towards getting an enhanced understanding of such lesser known species, and also have successfully described various new species. Awareness about lesser fauna is first step towards it's conservation is what I think.
Orange Crab
August 2018

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Moonscape: Took this photo hiking to Ijen Crater in Indonesia.

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Great news from Sariska tiger reserve.
St12 tigress with Three cubs sighted.

Rajeev Raghavan Wow! Awesome

11 months

Ajay Kumar Thanks so much @Rajeev ji

11 months