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28 Mar 2018

01 Apr 2018

New Delhi, Delhi, India

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3 safaris at Jhalana for leopard and hyena sighting and 2 safaris at sariska for tiger and birding

15 days

Avijit Ganguly @ ravindra harite! sorry sir! group is already formed! again unfortunately again no early response fro Safarist members! so had to compromise on two other friends!

15 days
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Indian Roller on a Misty morning at Kabini

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Tadoba National Park

16 Mar 2018

19 Mar 2018

Tadoba National Park, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India

3 travelers

1 traveler

Planing on doing 4 safaris in Mohurli and 2 in buffer, Stay will be in a nice property near mtdc mohurli. We are 3 guys need one more as 1 person dropped out. interested can reach out o tme @ 9884883950

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"Death on the road"

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Shabnam Siddiqui I have heard Chilla range is good for tigers and Beribada for leopards.

16 days
15 days
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Finally back from Pench yesterday, total had 5 safaris , 3 at Touria gate and rest 2 at Khursapar gate. We had big cat sighting in 3 out of 5 rides. The trip started with a bang , a wild dog (Dhole) chasing a spotted dear and ran passed us in a split second. It happened so suddenly, our gypsy had to apply brakes to halt. From Touria, currently there are 3 routes which the gypsies can take and they can't deviate from the designated route. MP site allows for seat sharing in 2 gypsies each shift from touria, i have booked the middle row with ID so that, i get enough space for photography. While Touria landscape was flatter and more scenic, forest at khursapar was uneven and dusty.But the tiger sightings are happeneing at khursapar at regular intervals. On our 2 rides we had sighting of a sub adult female tigress-Baras and a female tiger Durga and her 3 cubs.Both were grand sightings. So, one should distribute safaris between both these gates. Our stay was at a budget accommodation Banyan tree camp, located equidistant between both these gates.I highly recommend the hotel for its location and the staff. There are a few other attractions nearby like a trip to the khokha lake - good for birding, night safari to buffer zones for wolf, the resort arranges for those safaris. Happy safari.

Himadri Sen I had 3 shared gypsy rides in touria, luckily all my fellow travellers were keen wildlife enthusiast, only issue was our first morning safari was delayed as 2 of the guys arrived late. As you know, morning safari time of entry is important for sightings, the gypsy ahead of us had sighting of leopard which we missed. My experience is for evening safari , sharing is good enough but morning safari better to have booked gypsy.

16 days

Aniket Khamkar Sounds like a superb trip! Thanks for the details, will be helpful

15 days
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Ranthambore National Park

31 Mar 2018

01 Apr 2018

Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, India

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Planning a trip to ranthambore as a weekend getaway. have booked 3 safaris (only canters), with a single night stay at a hotel. Zones booked are 1, 3 and 5. Expenses to be distributed evenly. total cost per person should not cross 6k-7k including food , stay safari and local travel. Safari planned are 31st evening, 1st morning & evening.

Parimal Bansal I think they do charge some money during the safari in the canter. Not sure though (do not remember). I have booked it online only and charged 580 rs right now. Lets see.

16 days

Parimal Bansal I know the issues with canters and I am taking my chances. Not getting gypsies for those days so I hardly have a choice. Will try my luck on the day of the safari if someone can take an extra person along. Let's see

16 days
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Bandhavgarh National Park

08 Jun 2018

10 Jun 2018

Umaria, Madhya Pradesh, India

1 traveler

3 travelers

Would like to plan 4-5 safari depending on availability. Expenses would be shared equally between all. Planning to have no more than 4 people in the jeep so that everyone has a photo opportunity.

Saranya Any approx budget per person

18 days

Azeez Zakir Good luck,, I am alson doing 10 safaris from June 1 to June 5.

16 days