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Marshall's Iora @ GRK

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The first wobbly steps to an uncertain future. Porcupines are shy, nocturnal creatures and they are mercilessly persecuted , for meat and otherwise. So when I heard the news that there is a chance to watch a litter , it was a dream come true for me. At GRK , very near the Pakistan border , after a walk on the dry riverbed we reached a ridge. We had to lie down and wait for an hour before the sunlights hit the burrow , which was just at the opposite side of the dried river and the kids, two of them came out and played under the watchful eye of their mother. It was a fascinating hour of my life , watching them play , enjoy , sometimes being chided by their mom. Then it was time to say good-bye.

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Tanmay Keshav Nice catch! Enjoyed the read too, thanks for sharing

over 3 years

Somnath Goswami Thanks Tanmay

over 3 years
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