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When visiting Panna, Do visit the Walk with the Pardhis activity. Definitely an activity worth skipping a safari for it.

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I've stayed at the Eco-Tourism Complex in Hinauta. It has 6 tents and 4 cottages (tents are Rs 1000 a night and cottages Rs 2000 a night). Overall, was a comfortable enough stay and the best part is that safari permits are assured for anyone staying there. Panna is a beautiful park and sightings have been quite good too. I plan to go there more often in future. If anyone knows of any other stay options, especially near the Madla gate, please do add below.

Roshan Suresh Camp Panna, it’s with V Resorts now I think.

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Avijit Ganguly CAmp panna of Abhinav pandey great place

almost 2 years