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After a morning hike in the jungle, while waiting for pick-up. I came across a racket tailed drongo being mobbed by flock of babblers.I followed them to certain point. The area behind the beat camp had great avian diversity, loads of Drongos, babblers, thrushes, orioles, flycatchers flocked around the stream behind the chowky. Here is a small account of what interested me the most in that birding session.
The teak tree as we know bears one of the finest wood known for its Sturdiness, Hardness and Long lasting qualities. While observing all the birds, a wood boring sound started coming from a nearby thicket, being a protected area no human activity is allowed. The sound increased, out of curiosity, I crossed the road and entered the thicket, A teak tree was vibrating and all I could see was a small woodpecker (size of a average human fist) on the bark, pecking on the wood. Nature never fails to amaze us with the marvellous creations, its quite interesting how a bird, so small is able to bore the sturdy trunks and feed on the insects beneath...................................... Brown capped pygmy woodpecker.
Winter 2018
Land of Mowgli.

Aditya Vaidya Lovely find and a great read.

over 3 years

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