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Just came across this very nice website about all the Naturalists/Guides in Ranthambhore, you can get all their contact details by clicking on their photographs :

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Written for a foreign audience, but perhaps of some general interest here, good portion of the photos are from Ranthambore

Arun Ahuja good read

almost 2 years
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Anyone doing half day safari for date 17th June 2019, one seat required in gypsy.


I would like to go to Ranthambore. Just need some information on Booking of Safari. how many safaris and zones to visit.
Any nearby hotel for staying. If someone have any ideas please let me know. Can contact me at my e-mail

Raj Srivastava Stay in rajputana heritage--Vishnu ji is the owner, good person, I rate this hotel 5/5. Safari booking is a challenging part as there are 10 zones including 5 core and 5 buffer, but these days zone 6 is also a rocking one. You have to do a little homework in zone selection, you can ping me 8377002234, may be my experience will help you.

almost 2 years

Azeez Zakir Sawai madhopur is literally filled up with hotels. So finding hotels would not be a great issue. I usually stay in Ranthambore heritage. Regarding zones , try o get between 1-6.

almost 2 years
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Currently Zone 6 is the best for tiger sightings , Kumbha , Ladli , Jai and Veeru are all showing and their is absolutely no action in zone 5

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Hello Folks,
Travelling to Ranthambore next week. Its my first visit & i am very excited.
I have booked Zone 2, 3 ,4 & 5 for safari.
Any tips or suggestions would be highly appreciated. If i carry a bean bag will it really work ??
Rohit B

D P Paul Perhaps zone 6 currently having better sighting. Just for your information

over 3 years

Abbas A Zaidi Zone 6 Haveing 5-6 Month old Cubs ...

over 3 years
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Website for safari booking for national parks and tiger reserves in Rajasthan is Wasn't all that user friendly so here is how to do it. To create an account, click on SSO Login and then Register. I tried doing through FB, but eventually had to do it through Google. Once registered, login at the same place, then click on 'Rajasthan Wildlife' on the left hand side and 'WildLife ticket booking' thereafter. Earlier website is no longer used for bookings. Hope it helps.

Tanmay Keshav Thanks for sharing this Aditya, will be most helpful for plenty!

over 3 years

Jason Thomas Thank you

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