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It was a dream come true for me when I first met a hard-to-find "Forest Baby"/"Slender Loris" face to face. They are incredibly cuddly and shy.They are primates and are actually close relative of humans.They are facing a very bleak future due to habitat loss and hunting. Apparently slow but actually moves lightning fast to take shelter behind foliage. I photographed it with a torchlight and ensured that the intrusion was minimum.

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Gaurav Sinha Lovely catch!

about 16 hours

Somnath Goswami thanks Pervez, Dr.Bagwe, Gaurav and all other friends

about 4 hours
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"The Climber" - Cheetah @ Sept 2017

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Tanmay Keshav Lovely click

3 days
about 16 hours
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Evening safari
khatauli zone
19 .....Feb......2018

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3 days
1 day
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As we are approaching summer...the season where all the Tiger Tracking Circus is about to began with people pouring in their money to see the glimpse of that beauty...Let us know How these Guides Prepare & Track these beauties..... ;)
New Video Alert!! - Full Video Link Here - https://youtu.be/P7XoYSV3GcA

Mohit Srinivasan Nice video. Most of them do work really hard, but the odds are just not in their favor!

3 days

Deepayan Roy right @mohit

2 days
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Spotted owlet - Jan 18

Ankur Malhotra Nice catch!

3 days
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Short eared owl - LRK Jan 18

Sameer Vaid Excellent shot

3 days