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Planning a trip to Dudhwa National Park in December with 6 safaris. Could not find any online booking for safaris and there seem to be lots of websites which claim to book. Any information or tips regarding safaris, stay and local contacts will be most helpful.

Lokesh Dodla Dudhwa is very dense and hence lot of fog and mist will be present. Bird watching is fine however not very friendly conditions for photography.

about 4 hours

Shabnam Siddiqui Thanks Vineet. We are 3 people, trying to do 3 safaris in Pilbhit and 2 in Dudhwa.

about 4 hours
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We paid an entry fee of Rs. 20/- per person at the Sanctuary. We reached around 6:30am and headed straight to the Salim Ali Bird Trail. Personally, I was extremely pleased to spot the Emerald Dove, Southern Hill Myna, Heart-shaped Woodpecker and White-bellied treepie. Some others we saw that day were Greater Flameback Woodpecker, Black-Rumped Flameback and Black-Hooded Oriole.

Arijit Kanani Rajesh, any specific info you need?

about 2 months

Rajesh Mangal Arijit, wanted to know abt stay options, i am planning in november 17

about 2 months
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Hi all, i am planning a 3-4 night trip to Jim Corbett National Park, with 2 nights in the Dhikala zone. This will be my first trip to Corbett and i wanted some info regarding the many forest rest houses in Dhikala. Where should one be staying and if you can assist with any other details, will be helpful.

Tarun Tiwari Thanks to all for the information

4 days

Upamanyu Roy Choose only Dhikala, If not you can try for gairal.

2 days
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Hi all, i was trying to book safaris in Ranthambore - zone 1 to 5 but they are not available online for my dates. What amount do operators and other people charge for booking for those zones? I dont know how they get it done but they say they will

Gaurav Sinha Best bet would be to ask any of the well known guides there.. you may be able to get in current booking. If you dont want to risk that, as said above you can go for other zones.

19 days

Narendra Bhanage For an exclusive gypsy safari, they charge something around 7.5 to 8k, for a single safari

18 days
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Hunil is 90kms away from Roing and is one of the places we decided to go for birding. The The main area for birding here is on the 18 km downhill stretch from Hunli to the Ithun River bridge. Some of the birds we spotted on the stretch were Red-billed Leiothrix, Beautiful Nuthatch, Slaty-Backed Forktail (right along the road), a pair of Silver-Eared Mesias, and a mighty Rufous-Bellied Hawk Eagle.

Gulnar Vij Hey, how many days is enough to spend in Hunli?

5 months

Arijit Kanani 2-3 days should be enough! :) I spent that long.

5 months
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Hi guys, not really a tip.. needed some information. Was planning a trip including Velavadar / Blackbuck NP and some other parks in Gujarat. Was going to spend 1 night in Velavadar. I was looking for a budget accommodation for easy access to the park. I am aware that there is a FRH but not sure about how the booking is to be done, does anyone have any idea about it? Any other information for stay will be great. Thanks

The Safarist Thank you all for your suggestions. Questions to the community could very well fit in. We will look into this and test it out over the coming few days.

about 1 month

Maulik Desai Great inputs from all! ... @Arijit - I understand the Blackbuck lodge is in excess of 10k per night, but if budget is not a big constraint, would you personally consider it as providing good value in terms of overall service, facilities, location etc? Any input will be appreciated.

25 days
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Staying in JLR (Kabini River Lodge) and booking safaris through them is the best option for availing safaris. Their package consists of a jungle safari, a boat ride on the Kabini River along with boarding and lodging, although you can ask them to replace a boat safari with a jeep safari