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Was amazed to see the bird activity in the Churna zone, especially in the vicinity of the FRH. We spent about an hour there and spotted at least 50 species of birds. Also, in case you have not been able to spot the Malabar Giant Squirrel, rest assured you will spot them here! Traveled Jan-2016.

Tanmay Keshav Himadri, you can make bookings from the Hoshangabad office (07574-254394). For doing Churna rounds, you either need to stay in that FRH or you need to do morning + evening round, since its a much longer round. Zone as such is only 1 and you can book safaris for Madhai from the website. Rates for both FRH are quite reasonable.

2 days

Himadri Sen Thanks tanmay :)

2 days
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Hello Folks,
Travelling to Ranthambore next week. Its my first visit & i am very excited.
I have booked Zone 2, 3 ,4 & 5 for safari.
Any tips or suggestions would be highly appreciated. If i carry a bean bag will it really work ??
Rohit B

D P Paul Perhaps zone 6 currently having better sighting. Just for your information

6 days

Abbas A Zaidi Zone 6 Haveing 5-6 Month old Cubs ...

4 days
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Hello friends. Planning a trip to Sipahijhola in the last week of February 2018 in search of the elusive clouded leopard.
Any tips / information is most welcome.

D P Paul If you are keen you can scout clouded leopards in Manas and Ballapakam sanctuary.

8 days

Shabnam Siddiqui I am quite keen actually. Will take your advise.

8 days
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Tal chapper santuary is 210 km from Jaipur but took close to 4 hours to reach. Nearest big town is Sujangarh in Churu district about 30km. Sanctuary is a grassland with 3 man made oasis with ponds for the animals. The entry to the sanctuary is after crossing a very bad road with potholes to reach Chapper village on the left hand side coming from Sujangarh. There is a guest house with rooms for 6 guests only so book in advance. Phone Number of Guest house in charge of booking is Mr Girdhari 9929072549. There is no place to eat in Chapper vilage except with the Guesthouse and food is basic. There is motorable dirt track in the sanctuary where you have to drive yourself and no guide is available.

Sameer Vaid 6 rooms in FRH are quite difficult to get. Can try in Sujjangarh, few budget hotels are there

9 days

Shabnam Siddiqui Good tips Saurabh. Thanks for sharing.

8 days
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The long wait for a weekend trip with friends, finally rested upon with the choice of Chakrata amongst a number of other birding destinations. Chakrata, a small defense cantonment in the Dehradoon district, is one of the closest places from Delhi where you can reach elevation of 2,000m to 2,800m in the shortest possible time from NCR. Birding data from Chakrata and around is still limited and finding the right person to guide you to the right spot is difficult, however the magic of the place is such that you can find best of the mountain species at various points while driving towards the town or its nearby regions.
One can opt for three different routes to reach Chakrata: 1) Delhi- Karnal-Yamuna Nagar-Paonta Sahib-Herbertput-Chakrata, 2) Delhi-Shamli-Saharanpur-Herbertpur-Chakrata, 3) Delhi-Meerut-Dehradoon-Chakrata. First route can offer you amazing wildlife experience all along the route with Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary, Asan Barrage being on the way.
Exciting birding starts from the various villages before Chakrata, beginning Sahiya village and beyond. Scaly Bellied woodpecker posing 5 feet away at eye level, Speckled Piculet peeking at you from the top of the tree, Rufous Fronted and Himalayan Woodpecker playing drums at the tree trunks, screaming Yellow Billed Blue Magpies and Red Billed Blue Magpies, Grey Treepie, phantom of the mountains Bearded Vulture, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Common Kestrel, White Browed Fantail, Great Barbet, Blue Throated Barbet, Grey Headed Woodpecker, Chestnut Bellied Rock Thrush highlight just a glimpse of what all we can find on the way towards our destination. Once at Chakrata, don’t miss out the offroad trails toward Deoban FRH and Budher Caves FRH for some of the most amazing views, experience and birding spots. Area around Deoban FRH is especially good to find Spotted nutcrackers and Yellow and Black Grosbeaks but beware that the rocky path to these FRHs need you to have a high ground-clearance vehicle and good driving experience, alternatively take the vehicles locally available. Drive towards Tiger-falls to get a chance to shoot Griffons and Bearded vultures flying low in the valleys and for forktails, dusky eagle owl, and brown dipper near the falls. The experience at the mighty water falls, known as highest direct falls in Asia, and surprisingly still less spoiled by visitors, would be just an icing on the cake. For chilling out after a rigorous birding session, try strolling on the old lanes of Chakrata Sadar Bazaar and get an opportunity to buy the local specialties of kidney beans (rajma), and tomato walnuts (walnuts of the size of tomato hence the name).
Stay can be managed at couple of resorts and camps at Koruwa village or near Chakrata. A couple of days in the area can lead to some unexpectedly good birding sessions and photographic opportunities but beware that route is also prone to landslides, although mostly during rainy season. Chakrata certainly is a cantonment of a different kind and a must visit place for the season which will not disappoint you even at a time when other Himalayan hotspots and foothills lack birding activity.

Tarun Tiwari Very elaborate, thanks for this

10 days

Maneet Pal Singh Thanks for apprenticing guys. So Tanmay, Chakrata is about 6.5 hours drive from Delhi if one leaves Delhi off peak hours say around mid night or early morning. Places like Yamuna Nagar preferably be crossed during non-peak hours. The route remains quite busy even at night, so security is not much of an issue while driving at night provided you are comfortable negotiating lot of truck movement

10 days
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Please note Govt. of Goa is organising 2nd Goa Bird Festival from 11th to 14th January, 2018 at Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. You can find all details @ www.forest.goa.gov.in

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Good morning friends. I want to plan a couple of forests in NE - for a 10 day trip. Any ideas/ suggestions on which ones they should be and how to club them together.
Specifically interested in Manas, Singalila.

Aditya Vaidya Arunachal - Pakke & Eaglenest with good guides / naturalists

14 days

Shabnam Siddiqui I want to do everything. Sigh!

14 days