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Was amazed to see the bird activity in the Churna zone, especially in the vicinity of the FRH. We spent about an hour there and spotted at least 50 species of birds. Also, in case you have not been able to spot the Malabar Giant Squirrel, rest assured you will spot them here! Traveled Jan-2016.

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I've stayed at the Eco-Tourism Complex in Hinauta. It has 6 tents and 4 cottages (tents are Rs 1000 a night and cottages Rs 2000 a night). Overall, was a comfortable enough stay and the best part is that safari permits are assured for anyone staying there. Panna is a beautiful park and sightings have been quite good too. I plan to go there more often in future. If anyone knows of any other stay options, especially near the Madla gate, please do add below.

Tanmay Keshav Hey, there's Camp Panna, it's close to Madla Gate (~6 km), next to Ken River and a nice place to stay. It's run by Abhinav Pandey and Shrey Goel, both of whom take a keen interest in wildlife

4 months

Vinay Patil You can also look up MPSTDC's Jungle Camp that's right outside the Madla Gate. Mr. Mehmood is your go-to person if you need help with anything there

4 months
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The trek can be approached from Pin as well as Parvati Valley and both have their own different landscapes to offer. While Parvati Valley (Kullu side) has meadows, deep forest trails and waterfalls, Pin Valley leads you to a mountain desert. We were recommended to start the trek from Parvati Valley since we could expect less snowfall on the route and give us more time to acclimatize. Our first campsite was Kheerganga and and the last was Pin Valley Base Camp 2.

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Since you aren't permitted to stay the night in the Park, Ghangaria will be your best option. It has a Forest Rest House with clean rooms and all the basic amenities. You can book at the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) website.

Piyush Khinvasara Do you know of any other good stays close to the market?

4 months

Aniket Khamkar There's Nanda Parvati Hotel that I know of in the market area! You can check that out too

4 months
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We paid an entry fee of Rs. 20/- per person at the Sanctuary. We reached around 6:30am and headed straight to the Salim Ali Bird Trail. Personally, I was extremely pleased to spot the Emerald Dove, Southern Hill Myna, Heart-shaped Woodpecker and White-bellied treepie. Some others we saw that day were Greater Flameback Woodpecker, Black-Rumped Flameback and Black-Hooded Oriole.

C Parivesh How many days should one typically spend in Thattekad?

5 months

Arijit Kanani I spent 5 days there in total, two of which I spent on the Salim Ali Trail. I think 3-5 days in total is enough.

5 months
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If you are travelling to Kibber in winter, keep at least 3-5 days extra. The Kinnaur road is very treacherous and instead of reaching Kibber from Chandigarh in 2 days, it took us 7 days.

Ismail Shariff Sure - +919885008850

16 days

Ismail Shariff will call tomm. :)

16 days
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The Island Peak Headwall is one of the most crucial parts of the climb. Post High Camp, you'll traverse up a steep gully and reach the glacier where you'll have to wear your crampons. The toughest part is probably reaching the Headwall which itself is a 300m climb at a 40-50 degree incline. This is where your upper body strength will pay off. Having a positive attitude and facing the challenge will definitely makes things easier for you.