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The last time we went to Umred, we stayed at the FDCM property Eco Tents at Gothangaon. We loved the stay but they didn't have provisions for food so we had to figure that out ourselves. It's advisable to make prior bookings - https://accommodation.mahaonline.gov.in/User/SearchBooking.aspx

Ankur Malhotra Also check out jai tiger resort in umred. Stay is fine food is average. Search its name, you will find the website.

12 days

Jetal Shah How are the sightings at Gothangaon ?

12 days
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Anyone been to Pulicat Lake recently? Checking if there is any flamingo activity.

Mohit Srinivasan Hi.. for flamingos particularly, January is not really a good time. I think April - May will be best for it.

about 1 month

Roshan Suresh They should be there even if it may not be the best time. Check out this article for birds that have arrived in Pulicat - http://www.newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/2017/dec/23/migratory-birds-surge-in-pulicat-lake-1735506.html

about 1 month
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The World's Laziest Photographer? Or a brilliant new Hiking Protocol? Or Both?
Antarctica requires a lot of clothing, as the climate can be quite variable (cooked in our gear some days when it was sunny, very chilly and windy other days). A lot of landings are in big surf via zodiac, and a lot of the ground is either muddy, or stone beaches with Penguin Poop and Seal Shite everywhere.
On a few of the excursions I started carrying a portable chair with me!
It allowed me to sit and shoot more comfortably and watch the action unfold in front of my eyes, as often right on the beach where we landed gave the best views. Plus it gave me someplace to hang my drybag that held my camera gear cases so it wouldnt pick up any aromatic substances.
I ALSO used it to play "Sea Lion Tamer".. when a female Fur Seal repeatedly charged two of us with the serious intention to bite.. no whip to crack, just a ski pole to bang on the ground to make noise and I put the folded chair out between us and the Fur Seal, but it worked well enough.
Over 17 days with 80 passengers & 20 staff , 1 fur seal bite (taken by a guide), 1 broken arm, one splinted finger, lots of sea sickness, and an elephant seal decided to belly flop onto our gear sitting on the beach, but no one was crushed in that one.

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Any guide contact number for Neora Valley National Park and any information will be welcome. Am visiting on 24th Jan.

Chandan Sen joseph lepcha da is best

about 2 months

D P Paul No one is perhaps better than Joseph Lepcha

about 2 months
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Any contact information for Umred - Kharandla Sanctuary? Planning to go there for 2 nights in Feb.

Madhab Dash Will speak to this guide before finalising my trip

about 2 months

Sanket Sure.

about 2 months
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Any tips for birding in Porbandar ? Locations any guide etc.

Varun Rawat Chhaya rann / village should be good for lesser flamingos. Porbabdar bird sanctuary too

2 months

Manu Panicker thanks guys.. :)

2 months
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Hi All,
I am planning to go for Jim corbett park in Feb mid week for 4 days. Currently i see that we can not book for more than 3 days in their site. Is it 3 days in a zone or all zones put together 3 days. Can you please give me advice on how to book for 4 days.

Shikhar Parekh Yes I think that will work. Just change the order even that should do it

2 months

Manu Panicker 3 in 1 zone is what I've heard

2 months