Day 3:
We crossed Markha & Hankar village to head to our campsite at Thochungtse at 4700m. Loved the weather we were greeted with here!
This picture was taken from atop a mountain we climbed for acclimatisation. We spent quite sometime up here since with the rain and the landscape, what surrounded us looked like a description right out of the Lord of the Rings book! We also spotted a Woolly Hare run across us.
PS: The homestay/cafe in Markha (before Hankar) is the last place you can make phone calls on this route. Charges - Rs. 5/minute.
PPS: The route between Hankar and Thochungtse is known to have quite a few leopard singhtings. Our guide told us how they witnessed a snow leopard chase on the mountains just across us!