Red Fronted Rose Finch
Warsilla Pass Laddak
Dec 2017
It was our Nemo , we saw it when we were headed to warsilla pass looking out for Red Foxes and wolfs , it was sitting on a distant rock from the road side and approach was very difficult as it was upward trajectory with snow on it. It was slippery and we have no idea where the foot will land on a hard surface or a hollow.
so we moved on for other targets while in return we saw it near us on the road the moment i got out of car i took four steps deep in snow upto my knee , wow it was scary as well as adventure, i came out and now i moved on rock to rock with the feet trembling and hands freezing nose giving out vapor and flowing out water thin mucus due to the chilling winds going inside with every breath we take, the chill was scratching the nose it was sweet bitter feeling , hands giving up as they were playing inside the weeds on the was all a great mix and finally we all made some shots ...enthralling it was ...
I do have a clear perch shot also but the clear perch doesnt gives the idea what it was like to before we get the birdie on a clear perch ...