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Stay: Wild Haven resort
Contact Amin Khan +91 94 24 776043
If required refer you are from the safarist or tell him my name Arijit Sett from Kolkata.
You would get budget accomodation +food per day packages depending on availability.

Rajesh Mangal Thanks for the info...Arijit

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Raj Mangal Dear Arijit, how is the property wild haven resort...if u had an experience

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Just one of the many frozen waterfalls you'll see along the trek!

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Lights.... Camera..... "Jaguar"
Jaguars are the third-largest cat in the world after tigers and lions, but the largest in the Americas, These cats are notoriously tough to spot in the wild, Extending from the Amazon, the Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland. Bigger than England, it stretches across two Brazilian states and parts of neighboring countries Bolivia and Paraguay. A lattice of waterways swells and recedes with the seasons, giving way to vast savannahs and thick gallery forests lining the banks. The Pantanal is wild and remote, most parts can only be accessed by tiring, bone-jangling drives along dirt tracks.
And...... This is "Estrela" which means "Star". An offspring of Sussana, the famous Onça (Jaguar) from pantanal. Fondly named by Wildlife filmmakers, photographers, researchers & local guides
Estrela is now a sub adult & estimated to be around 2yrs old, She has recently got separated from her mother Sussana.... This Gorgeous female did true justice to her name, we were fortunate to spot her on the Sandbank, Estrela was seen in playful mood, it was treat to our eyes to spend so much time documenting her, to watch her roll over the sand, chase around nothing, drink water, swim in the river and absolutely not bothered by our presence, During the summer the low water levels makes a lovely open sandy beach and these Rosette cats simply love sun basking as the early morning & late evening are pretty cold during this time of the year in Pantanal.
Image best enjoyed while viewed in full screen 😊

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Rajan R D Mindblowing.. great write up

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Neeraj Bantia Thanks one & all

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