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Sri Lankan leopard,
Unlike most forests and national parks in India, the leopard is an apex predator here. Hence, leopards in Yala have an air of confidence about them, without having to worry about the presence of tigers. Yala has one of the highest leopard densities in the world - I was able to sight leopards in 3 out of my 6 safaris there. The park is divided into 5 blocks - Block 1 is the main area for visits but Block 3 is also quite popular.

Rajan R D Nice photo, thanks for the write-up

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Lesser adjutant stork in its wetland habitat

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Painted stork
A large wader which spends most of its time in shallow waters looking for fish. I was told by our naturalist that by an age of 18 months, adult storks become voiceless. The only sounds they make after that age are slight moans and the clattering of their bills.

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Rajan R D Good depiction of habitat and their feeding behavior

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Gaurav Sinha Thank you everyone

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White-bellied sea eagle,
They can be seen quite commonly in coastal areas, however at times they are seen inland too. Really skilled hunters, fish form nearly half of their diet.

Rajan R D Nice catch Gaurav.. i was fortunate to see them in action in South Goa.. Zuari river. Great for birding.

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The water monitor is the largest species of monitor lizards, coming second after the Komodo Dragon. It is an "extreme carnivore" and will eat about any animal it thinks it can consume.

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Another one from my trip to Yala - Open-billed stork
There has been some speculation of the purpose of the bill gap. Before it was concluded to be used as a nutcracker (they mostly feed on molluscs), then suggested that it was to help handle hard and slippery shells. But this proved to be partly untrue since young birds that lack the gap are also able to feed on snails.
The latest conclusion is that the gap allows the tips to strike at a greater force to extract the snail body from the shell.

Vineet Kurien Interesting read!

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Charushil Ganar Nice! The bare branches against the clear sky makes for a good background!

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A pair of blue-tailed bee-eaters