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Namdapha National Park

26 Dec 2017

03 Jan 2018

Dibrugarh Airport, Dibrugarh, Assam, India

2 travelers

2 travelers

Trekking for 5 days in Namdapha and 1.5 days of birding in Mishmi hills. 26/12 leave dibrugarh to miao, 27 miao to hornbill, 28 hornbill to firmbase, 29 firmbase to imbiong, 30 imbiong to bhalughat, 31 bhalughat to miao, 1/1 miao to Mishmi, 2/1 Mishmi, 3/1 early morning departure to dibrugarh.

Raghav Verma Dibrugarh I guess

over 3 years

Noel x Noel Siddharth, I had posted it almost 2 months ago and just deleted it and reposted a couple of days ago. Avijit,it’s ex dibrugarh. The person is charging 3200/day for the Namdapha part and 4200/day for the Mishmi part. Interested people can do just the Namdapha part too put they will be dropped at Tinsukia on 1st. The charges are for min.4 pax

over 3 years

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