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Dudhwa National Park

23 Feb 2017

27 Feb 2017


2 travelers

2 travelers

Hello !!! We have planned to travel to Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh in last week of February. We are two persons who are looking for two more like minded persons to accompany us. Plan is to meet at Lucknow Railway Station in the morning at 7:00. From there we shall be hiring a cab which will take us to Dudhwa. We shall be staying at the Forest Rest House there and shall be doing atleast 6 safaris to explore the park. We are looking for two more persons ideally amateur photographers like us to accompany us purely on the cost sharing basis. Those interested please contact me

Sonali Dudhane I am interested, are the dates final?

about 4 years

Mukesh Korti @ Sonali Dudhane : Yes the said dates are final.

about 4 years
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Pench National Park

26 Jan 2017

29 Jan 2017


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Planning to book 5 jeep safaris at Pench tiger reserve via Foliage outdoors Pune. Approx. cost per person is Rs 17500 (ex Nagpur). Exact cost can be worked out based on exact number of party travelling. I am looking for like minded people to join me so that all the bookings can be confirmed with Foliage outdoors. In case you are interested, please get in touch with me.

Sangeeta Dhanuka Hi, i am from Mumbai and am interested. Are u travelling by road from Nagpur? I am from mumbai and would like to take a flight to nagpur. Also, where is the stay planned?

about 4 years

Shabnam Siddiqui Interested. Let me know at

about 4 years