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Namdapha National Park

22 Oct 2016

29 Oct 2016


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I am planning to go to India's eastern point and the unexplored region of Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh. I will leave Kolkata on 21st of October and will reach Guwahati on 22nd morning.

The journey for Namdapha starts from here, it will take 2 days to reach there and will explore the region for 5/6 days. Mostly in Changalang district.

This reserve is completely unexplored and has a minimum footfall, hiking is the only way to explore.

Looking for 1/2 like minded co travellers to complete this trip. Will share local bus and mahindra shared suv's as transport. Mahindra Suv's like maxx or bolero offers only seat booking and moves as a local transport, can't be hired. Apart from towns like Miao ,there is no rest house. So we will stay at loghuts and dorms as well as tents. Food will be prepared by self while on excursion.

Upamanyu Roy Hi, just received your message. First of all I have been to Namdapha once earlier but just stayed with FD for a day only. It takes 2 days to reach Miao the town at changalang district from guwahati at the boundary of the park. Transportation modes are on sharing basis with other local travellers from tezpur onwards. <br /><br />I am planning for an exploration, This land is virgin ,wildlife here are unexplored. Will track down some them like, slow loris,flying squirrel, bats an d all in 6 day exploration. Birding and search for big cats will also be a part of our focus.We have to carry tents or can reside camps set up by FD. Need to carry rations for us. Sometimes cook is there to help,sometimes not. <br /><br />I think the cost for hiking ,guwahati to guwahati transfer will not cross 15k. will check that on arrival at teezpur and miao.

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