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  • Cost sharing trips, expense sharing trips, we have called them a few things. From now on, we are just calling them 'travel plans'. We felt this represents the concept better as the person posting the plan is just a fellow traveler who is looking to share actual costs with other like-minded folks

  • We saw that the first query everyone has is about the expenses. So, we now provide a space for travel plan creators to communicate the ‘Planned expenses’, thereby also increasing transparency

  • The concept remains entirely the same. Still, all travel plans are on actual costs, which means that all expenses are shared equally between everyone. Our team diligently verifies each travel plan posted, in addition we now let members report any travel plan that is not as per community policies through the drop-down next to each post


  • Over the past year and half, the community helped create some truly incredible experiences. With this background, it felt like a natural extension to provide a platform for members to share their experiences. Tips and photos, we felt were the best way to go about this

  • A tip can be any piece of information about a destination which would be useful to other travelers

  • Photos are pretty self explanatory! They are displayed in an extremely neat manner on the feed, with full focus on the photo


  • In the course of pursuing an interest, we come in touch with thousands of others who share that with us. This is a community which celebrates that common bond. Over a period of time, you make amazing friends, increase your circle and come closer to your passion.

  • In the same spirit, on their 'Latest' feed, everything posted by you is seen by thousands of others who share that interest with you. Likewise, you see what you are most interested in on your Latest feed

  • We ask you to mention destinations that you have been to and would like to go. Your 'For you' feed shows posts as per the destinations you select and people you follow. Why are you shown posts for destinations you would like to go? So you can tap into the wealth of experience of others who have already been there. And why are you shown posts for destinations you have already been to? Because your insights can help the entire community travel better!


  • Whenever you post, not only does every active user see it on their feed, but your profile records everything, creating a timeline of your activity.

  • But then what? From now, every post permanently becomes a part of a page which is dedicated to that destination. Aided by a powerful search facility, it becomes easily discoverable and others derive that much more value out of it for years to come

  • We recognize there are people with in-depth knowledge spanning across several destinations, thanks to years of effort pursuing an interest with great vigor. Each post captures all your past contributions for that destination. In addition, top contributors are featured on each destination page


  • We have worked hard to revamp the website design with an aim to deliver a product which provides an engaging user experience and prioritises the valuable content being posted by community members


If you are already a member of the community, we have made sure that the migration process is totally seamless:

  • Your login credentials remain the same. In case you can't remember your password, you can login through Facebook or Google or you can always reset your password

  • Your account has been migrated securely - this means your profile information, travel plans and any photos that you might have posted previously will now be visible

  • All the photos you see were posted on the website previously. We have retrieved all these photos and their timestamps now reflect the time when they were uploaded on to our new servers

  • Lastly, we have worked hard but there is always room for improvement. Do contact us for any feedback or to report a bug

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