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Manas National Park

07 Mar 2017

10 Mar 2017


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I am planning to visit Manas National Park on 7 MAR, 2017. I have already booked the lodging at Bansbari and have a plan for 3 days safaris from 8 MAR till 10 MAR. The safaris will be whole day from morning till evening. I need a co-traveler / max 2. The staying and safari cost will be shared accordingly. I already have booked my train ticket from Kolkata to Barpeda Rd station and back in AC II tier. In case other persons will want to join, the train tickets needs to be arranged. You can meet me at Bansbari also.

D P Paul I had been to Manas couple of times. You may contact Mr. Martin as guide (9678740781). You will not regret.

over 4 years

Suvayu Paul Thank you very much Sir... I will definitely keep this in mind..

over 4 years

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