This platform has been amazing for me personally, on many fronts. I have visited many more forests, some that I had not even heard of; forged beautiful friendships that will surely last a lifetime and improved my photography by leaps and bounds. So thank you for introducing me to Safarist Tanmay :)
Some of the forests that I have visited through this platform are Satpuda (Jan 2016 - with Tanmay, Arun and Varsha); Serengeti (March 2016 with Safique); Kanha (April 2016 with Shadab); Kabini (October 2016 with Shalmali and Vasumathi); Ranthambore and Jhalana (November 2016 with Shalmali); Tadoba and Tipeshwar (February 2017 with Safique and Shalmali); Kabini (March 2017 with Yojna); Chandoli (March 2017 with Vivek and Shalmali); Pench (April 2017 with Safique); Kabini (August 2017 with Narahari Kanike); Dachigam (September 2017 with Shalmali and Yojana) and now Corbett in November 2017 with B.N. Dayananda.
The names mentioned in this post are all travellers from Safarist who actually joined the trips, not to mention the innumerable people that I have connected with, asked for suggestions, shared feedback and stories!
So thank you once again :)