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Tadoba National Park

13 Aug 2016

15 Aug 2016


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Planning a trip during the monsoon with 3 safaris. We meet at Nagpur, drive to Tadoba, check in and have dinner and rest on 13th August 2016.

14th - morning and evening safaris to the buffer, in search of the biggest male Wagdoh (Scarface.

15th August morning we'd head out for the tar road into the core zone of TATR for the morning ride , and leave with happy memories...
a total of three safaris. Pick and drop from Nagpur..if interested please get in touch

Shreyan Ray I am Zoology pass out and would really like to join this trip. But I'm still a student , so i have a bit budget issue. Can i please be informed about the approximate expenses ?

about 3 years

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