Our Vision

The world is incredibly beautiful and blessed with massive bio-diversity. By oneself, a person may know only a few places well enough, however together as a community, we have a wealth of experience! Our vision is to channelize the vast experience that all of us travelers have by bringing together user-generated content in the form of tips, photos and travel plans, thereby leading to a smarter, affordable and a more enriched way of traveling for all.

How it all started

We are best friends and avid wildlife & adventure enthusiasts who have been traveling together for close to a decade. During our many trips, we realized that traveling with people who share your passion is a lot of fun. Apart from making travel easy on our pockets, we ended up meeting some amazing people, learning from them & making life long friends. These experiences have lived with us ever since & the urge to enable similar experiences on a large scale made us conceive The Safarist

Founder 1 Tanmay Keshav Founder 2 Maulik Desai

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